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At Swansea and Bristol we offer an extensive range of Peels, ranging from the mild 'Medical Peels' to the ultimate Phenol Peel.

Medical Peels are an excellent way of improving the quality of the skin, Fine Lines & Acne. They are mild, with very little or no down-time, and their efficacy can be enhanced by adding Microdermabrasion. A course of 6-8 is usually required, each peel being 1-2 weeks apart.

Medium Peels, are usually used when the problems are a little more severe, or when a course of treatment is impractical for the patient. We have extensive experience with Easy-TCA, ICP, Unideep Peel, all of which have a 3-5day period of down time. Another favourite of ours, which is not strictly a peel, is Obagi Nu-Derm. It gives a result equivalent to, or even better than that of the Medium Peels.

For Deep Lines & Wrinkles, around the Eyes and on the Lips, the Phenol Peel has until now had no equal. Although it has a down-time of 6-10 days, the results have proven very popular in these two areas. It is usually combined with a mild peel such as an Unideep, to give an even over-all result.

See below: Before and After images of peel treatment

Before peel treatment
After sculptra treatment
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