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Aging Décolletage & Neck

The décolletage and neck areas have probably the most delicate skin of the whole body. It is an area that is exposed to the sun as much as the face and hands, yet often is little protected. Treatment here therefore has to be gentler, and often takes longer to heal. There are three treatments that we have regularly used in the past, but recent advances have certainly opened up other possible alternatives.

1. Intense Pulsed Light is very effective in the Décolletage, particularly if there are age spots.

2. Mild peels such as ICP and Obagi Nu-Derm are also effective.

3. Sculptra is certainly effective in strengthening the skin in this area, and is proving increasingly popular.

4. The Fractional CO2 Laser is certainly the most exciting new development in this area. It improves the quality of the skin as well as the pigmentation.

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