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Acne Treatment

Active acne and Acne scarring require two very different treatments.

Active Acne

When the usual methods of treatment from your medical practitioner has failed to help this most difficult of problems, we certainly have a number of treatments which give excellent results.

1. Agera Medical Peels are very effective, with very little down-time and a rapid response time.

2. Moderate peels, such as Easy-TCA, ICP, and Obagi Nu-Derm are also very effective when Active Acne combined with Recent Scarring is the problem. They do take 3-4 days to recover from, but in spite of this are very popular with our patients.

3. The JeetPeel3 is an exciting addition to the list of treatments for Active Acne. This machine allows us to painlessly introduce active substances far deeper into the skin than previously possible, giving much greater improvement, yet with less down-time.

4. Photo Dynamic Therapy, or PDT, is another recent and very effective method of treating Acne. The treatment is quick and painless, but you do take 2-3 days to recover. The Acne can also appear to be worse for the first week, but then improves rapidly. Two treatments have even been known to cure Acne. It is certainly a new treatment that we looking forward to use more in the future.

Acne Scarring

Up until recently, the only effective treatment to eradicate these difficult scars was a very aggressive form of Chemical peeling with Abrasion. However we are now delighted to offer two alternatives.

1. Sculptra, which stimulates the cells of your skin to produce more collagen. It does not remove the scars, but makes the skin stronger, softer and more youthful.

2. The very latest Fractional CO2 Laser is certainly the most exciting new treatment for Acne Scars for many years. It is gentle, well tolerated, giving excellent collagen stimulation. Recovery time is quick, but does depend on the extent of the original scars.

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