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Defy Time's Dr Alan Wyn Jones is considered one of the World's leading Sculptra practitioners. A member of the Sculptra advisory panel, Dr Jones has trained doctors around the world in the effective use of Sculptra, provided live demonstrations to the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors and regularly treats patients at Swansea and Bristol.

Sculptra has revolutionised the way we are now able to treat the sagging of our skin and loss of volume that occur as we get older. Prior to Sculptra, the only answer would have been a Surgical Lift, thankfully that is no longer the case.

In experienced and trained hands it has without doubt revolutionised the non-surgical treatment of the ageing face. Because of the nature of how it works, it not only lifts jowls and replaces loss of volume, it also gives a dramatic improvement in the quality of skin, which certainly does not happen with surgery.

One of its main attractions is that it gives a very natural improvement, which is impossible to detect, even to the most experienced practitioner.

The process involves usually 3 treatments a month apart, but occasionally a 4th is required 4-5 months later. The improvement lasts 3-4 years, but this is obviously dependent on whether the person smokes, uses sun-beds, or sunbathes excessively.

Being very experienced in its use, we are now able to offer treatment in other areas where sagging skin may be a problem, such as décolletage, hands, elbows & knees.

It is certainly one of the most popular and successful treatments that we have ever offered

See below: Before and After images of Sculptra treatment

Before sculptra treatment
After sculptra treatment
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