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Jowls, Sagging Skin and Loss of Facial Volume

The Sagging of our skin indicates deep damage to the skin, which is not attached to the face as it is when we were younger. As the skin sags it then creates folds, exaggerating the Nasolabial & Marrionette Lines, and creating Jowls.

Sudden loss of weight as we get older, due to periods of stress or deliberate weight loss often makes us more aware of this sagging.

Without doubt, the treatment of choice for such problems is Sculptra. We have developed a high level of expertise in this treatment over the last 4 years and have been delighted with the improvements achieved, as have our patients. The incidence of both Side Effects & Non Responders has been very low. It has prove a very satisfying alternative to a Surgical Face Lift.

We have recently introduced Radio-Frequency as another alternative treatment, or even an add on when the problems are more difficult.

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