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Liposuction - BodyTite

The BodyTite (Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction) is proving to be the best thing for removing unwanted or stubborn body fat for many years, and is rapidly making conventional liposuction a thing of the past.

Not only can it remove as much fat, but unlike standard liposuction it also tightens the skin. In fact the tightening achieved is over 2-4 times greater than that possible with the best laser devices. The most experienced practitioners in the UK have been astounded by the gentleness of the procedure and results it is now possible to achieve, with virtually no ‘down-time’.

The treatment is done under local anaesthetic, and as the BodyTite uses Radio Frequency waves to generate heat, which seal blood vessels, there is also very little bleeding during or after the procedure. Most people are able to return to work the following day, restart exercise after 3-4 days, and only need to wear a compression garment for a week. There is an immediate improvement to be seen, but there is a further 60% to come over the following 8-12 weeks.

The treatment can be used on almost every part of the body, not only to remove fat, but also just to tighten the skin. The traditional ‘Liposuction’ areas such as abdomen, love handles, backs, inner and outer thighs are easy to treat, without the need for surgery to remove the resulting loose skin. But this technology now also allows us to treat areas previously only possible with surgery, such as upper arms, chins and man boobs. The most recent development with the device is its use to treat the face, an area where traditional liposuction has proven very unpredictable.

So if you cannot now fit into those sexy jeans you bought from Moda, and the gym and diet have not helped. If you would like to find out more about this procedure, why not visit our web site, or give us a call at Defy Time in Killay.

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