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Fat Reduction, Body Sculpturing & Cellulite

While laser therapy has certainly had much publicity recently regarding treatment of these conditions, we prefer to use injections of Phosphatidyl Choline for this purpose. We find it very effective, both clinically and cost wise compared to laser.

Three to four treatments are usually required on areas on the body, while the Chin area requires one or two. Treatments can be repeated every 8 weeks. One delightful aspect of the treatment is the skin tightening that also occurs, unlike with Liposuction.

Body Jet

What makes the BodyJet so unique is that any fat removed can be reused to treat fat loss in any other part of the body. The fat is removed in such a gentle manner, that over 85% of the cells survive, compared to 30-70% with other techniques. This fat can then be reintroduced using specially developed cannulas, giving predictable, natural results. Since this fat is also the richest source of stem cells in the body, you also get a wonderful renewal of the overlying skin which continues to improve for up to 12 months. Although this is a relatively new procedure, it is thought that the resulting improvement may last 1012yrs, but everyone should note that most doctors will refuse to do this procedure on smokers.

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