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Dermal Fillers

Deep and superficial Dermal Filler treatments are available at our Swansea clinic and at Bristol, where Dr Jones holds a regular clinic.

Hyaluronic Acid fillers are the best choice superficial dermal filler for lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Our favourite at present is Juvaderm Ultra, which gives a relatively long lasting but very subtle improvement.

Treatment is always carried out under full local anaesthetic, to minimise any discomfort. Slight bruising may occur, while any swelling usually resolves after 12 hours.

Deeper Fillers are excellent in the treatment of Nasio-labial and Marrionette Lines, when immediate results are required.

The treatments are usually painless, being carried out after the introduction of a suitable Local Anaesthetic.

At Defy Time we prefer Atlean, Radiesse, Outline and Perlane, all of which will last 12-18 months, and sometimes longer. Recently they have also been found to be very effective in the treatment of hollows around the eye, such as tear troughs.

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