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Lip Lines and Lip Enhancement

These two conditions are treated with Superficial Dermal Fillers, the decision on which one is used depends on how long the patient would like the effect to last.

We would like to stress that at our clinic we strive to produce a very natural improvement, and as such the treatment may take a little longer to complete. The procedure is virtually painless, carried out under full local anaesthesia.

Semipermanent Make-up can also give a very effective and subtle improvement to both lip outline and volume. Please ask for our Harley Street trained specialist, Katie Schaverien if you would like an opinion.

Botox certainly has a place in softening the Lines of the Upper Lip, and can even be used to give a subtle improvement in the volume of the upper lip.

Laser Resurfacing is proving very popular in treatment of Lip Lines, with the depth of the lines dictating the severity of treatment and the resulting time the skin will take to heal, usually 2-3days.

The ultimate treatment for Lip Lines has always been the Phenol Peel. The improvement is very impressive, but it also takes over a week to heal.

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