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Personal Trainer at Defy Time Swansea

Dr Alan Jones performing a live Sculptra demonstration

Personal trainer, Josef Williams has joined our Defy Time clinic in Swansea adding to our growing list of spa health treatments.

A highly qualified trainer, Josef tailors client’s personal training to their specific requirements and goals. So, whether you need to get generally fitter, lose a bit of weight for your wedding, train for your chosen sport or skiing holiday, Josef will design a training programme for you. He will also provide you with ongoing guidance and support, and regular reviews to check your progress and set new targets for your strength fitness and weight loss.

There are a number of activities available. In addition to the staples of running, walking and weights, Josef also provides Boxercise sessions and tuition and support for our Power Plate, an exciting piece of equipment that is revolutionising the way people train. Using the principles of acceleration training exercise, Power Plate stimulates the body's natural response to vibration, allowing you to spend less time training for greater gains.

Josef is a graduate in Sports and Exercise Science and a highly qualified personal trainer bringing a wide range of skills and a fresh outlook on the fitness industry and personal training.

Josef draws on experiences ranging from: working side by side with prestigious personal trainers; training in martial arts and Parkour; developing his Boxercise training while studying in Thailand and; as a specialist in the use of Power Plate (an exciting new piece of training equipment at Defy Time that use the principles of acceleration training exercise to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration).

To book your first training session or enquire please give us a call on 01792 208466 or email us at

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