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MyCells ®

MyCells® is a process that follows the present trend of getting the skin to repair and renew itself, rather than just tightening it up by surgery, or filling it with a filler. It was developed after the discovery that the healing following a cut is stimulated by Growth Factors released from platelets involved in the initial clotting.

Using an Activating Factor, we are able to release these Growth Factors from a sample of the patient’s own blood. The sample, which is given the name ‘Platelet Rich Plasma’, is then injected into the facial skin. The number of treatments required depends on the patient’s age. 30-40yr olds often require only one treatment, 40-50yr olds 2-3 treatments, and 50-60yr olds 3 treatments. The second treatment is given after 3 months, and the third after a further 6 months.

The resulting improvement, lasts about 2 years.

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