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Nefertiti Lift

This new procedure which creates a well toned, smooth, and lifted jawline was named for Queen Nefertiti more...

Skin Care Programme

Are you confused by all the products that are available these days? 

We can change all this by working with you and developing a personalised skin care routine more...

Defy Time Medical Cosmetic Clinic

At Defy Time Medical Cosmetic Clinic your health and well-being is our primary concern. What most people perceive as cosmetic problems, such as wrinkles, ageing skin or pigmentation, we now appreciate as being due to significant skin disease caused by the radiation from the sun. We are also very aware that our appearance can have a significant emotional effect on our lives, from severe loss of self esteem; anxiety and phobias; embarrassment and even severe depression.

Defy Time is run by Dr Alan Wyn Jones, a renowned cosmetic doctor for 10 years (with over 25 years experience as a GP). Dr Jones undertakes detailed consultations with all of our cosmetic clients. After identifying and explaining all the issues, he advises the cosmetic treatment most suitable to your needs. He oversees all procedures, while carrying out all injectable treatments personally.

If you feel that we at Defy Time can help you with problems relating to your appearance, please contact us for a consultation.


Latest News

The very latest from Imcas Paris

With the disaster of the PIP breast implants still very fresh in the memory, which is seen in France as a disaster of national importance, the future appears to belong very much to Autologous Fat Transfer ...Read full article

Advanced Aesthetic Surgery of The Face Master Class Course

Dr Jones has just returned from a 5 day visit to Vienna, where he successfully attended an Advanced Aesthetic Surgery of The Face Master Class Course ...Read full article

Fat Reduction - The Very Latest from the Cosmetic World

The BodyTite (Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction) is proving to be the best thing for removing unwanted or stubborn body fat ... Read full article

Rhod Gilbert's Work Experience at Defy Time 28/01/10

Don’t miss Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience on Tuesday 2nd February on BBC1 Wales, 10.35pm, where he learns new work skills at Defy Time. ... Read full article

Staff Development and exiting new treatments at IMCAS 26/01/10

Our clinic in Killay will be benefiting from our visit to IMCAS in Paris this January. It proved to be the most exciting yet, and proved a wonderful experience for the two members of our staff, Stefanie and Karen, who came with us. ... Read full article

BACD meeting in Monte Carlo and ‘The Madonna Lift’ 12/11/09

The meeting of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors in Monte Carlo was excellent as usual, with the ongoing education of members to the fore, as always. We also had confirmation that our ideas about which technology is best for a fat removal was correct. ... Read full article

News from IMCAS Asia 12/11/09

Following the disappointment of the American Association of Dermatology meeting in San Francisco, it was very refreshing to attend IMCAS Asia in Thailand.With its wonderful, simple and efficient organization, as well as its well balanced program of education and new product demonstration, it certainly demonstrated that in this instance the French can certainly show the rest of the world how to run a conference. ...Read full article

Anna-Ryder Richardson at Defy Time Swansea 06/11/09

TV presenter, Anna Ryder-Richardson, will be joining us at an exclusive Sculptra open evening at the Defy Time Cosmetic clinic in Killay on the 9th November. The evening will start with Anna giving a talk on her experience of Sculptra; there will be an opportunity for guests to ask Anna questions; followed by a presentation and live demonstration of Sculptra by Dr Alan Jones. ...Read full article

Personal Trainer at Defy Time Swansea 21/04/09

Personal Trainer Josef Williams joins Defy Time Swansea to add to our list of health services. ...View news article

Europe and Asia overtaking the US in Cosmetic Innovation 15/04/09

Dr Alan Wyn Jones provides surprising feedback on his recent visit to San Francisco and the American Association of Dermatology....View news article

Defy Time Travels to the USA to represent Sculptra 16/02/09

Dr Jones invited to the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology Association to offer advice on advanced Sculptra techniques....View news article

Cosmetic events help us to improve our CO2 Fractional Laser treatments - 16/02/09

Dr Jones introduces new techniques to improve the effects for Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing while providing greater comfort for patients....View news article

Could cosmetic surgery become a thing of the past? - 18/11/08

Defy Time is leading a new trend in cosmetic treatments that are more natural, more cost effective and which deliver superb results with minimum downtime....View news article

Defy Time demonstrates Radiage at the Brand New You Live Exhibition - 26/10/08

Dr Jones demonstrates Radiage, Radio Frequency Skin Tightening at the Brand New You Live exhibition in Bristol...View news article

Dr Jones delivers a live Sculptra demonstration to the BACD 10/03/08

Dr Alan Jones, co-owner of Defy Time, took the stage at the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD) conference...View news article

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